About Boxer Girl

Boxer Girl, LLC was established in 2012, with a goal of serving smaller communities throughout Indiana. Boxer Girl works within communities to develop parcels of land that are in need of redevelopment and revitalization, helping to turn them into destinations that are both useful and beloved by a town. Every community is unique and Boxer Girl recognizes that working with city leadership is essential in creating a space that is not only functional but a reflection of the individuality of the town it serves.

Every development is different, but Boxer Girl places a large focus on how the members of a community live, work and play together. In single family home developments, there is a focus on building homes with porches and homesites with sidewalks, encouraging residents to take advantage of open space, get to know each other and develop a real sense of community. Not only does this create a safer place to live, but it provides a grounded feeling to the families it serves, helping them to remain in place longer.

About Jane Hendrickson

Jane Hendrickson is the principle of Boxer Girl, LLC and the driving vision behind each community development. With over 20 years of experience in single-family and multi-family home developments, Jane has worked with every aspect of residential land development, including operations management, financials, budgeting and training. Before starting her own development company, Jane worked as the Vice President of Development and Property for Davis Homes, Director of Development Operations for Buckingham Companies and the Chief Operating Officer for Denney Companies.

Jane teaches in the Construction Management School at Purdue University, instructing students about real-world applications of financial management in the construction field. In her spare time, Jane enjoys playing with her boxer, spending time with family, traveling and giving back to various organizations.

  • Board Member of Marian University Business School
  • Charter Member of Women in Land Development (Indiana)
  • Charter Member of Women in Real Estate Development (Indiana)

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