It’s time for a new type of development, one that celebrates the character of a town, not paves it over. Boxer Girl is a real estate development firm that works with small Indiana communities, most with 15,000 or fewer residents, to develop land for single- and multi-family residences. Our forte of residential expertise in both rental and home ownership lets us place an emphasis on lifestyle and creating an environment where residents can happily live, work and play. We develop legacies for future generations.

We offer complete real estate development services:

Land Selection & Development

Boxer Girl works with towns to select and develop parcels of land. It may be within a downtown of a city or a special section that would benefit from being rejuvenated. After choosing the land, Boxer Girl works with city planning commissions to plan the community and install the infrastructure.

Choosing a Contractor & Laborers

By including local contractors and laborers, we aim to bring more jobs to a local area. From working with the city to build the infrastructure of each development to hiring builders that share our mission, we only work with those who share our mission to build while respecting the character and feel of a community.

Project Managment

Once a community is built, keeping it in top-notch shape enables it to continue to thrive. Because of this, it is essential to find the right property manager. Boxer Girl works within the town to find a professional property manager that shares the original vision of the community.

Community Management

Once a development is complete, Boxer Girl is involved in many aspects of the community. We take care of common grounds in the community, act as the Housing Authority and ensure that any issues are addressed promptly. Above all, Boxer Girl works to restore the vision of what a town could be, with happy residents, useful spaces and an enduring community.


Boxer Girl offers consulting services to help with planning current and future real estate developments. Some of the consulting services offered include:

  • Connect and manage a team of experienced individuals for every need of the project
  • Market demand research and studies
  • Planning and monitoring for budgets and pro formas
  • Oversee approval procedures and progress
  • Report and consult on land and building obtainment
  • Land development consulting and management
  • Construction management
  • Site selection match, with product, demographics and needs

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