Community Development

Residental • Commercial • Mixed-Use Spaces

Creating Areas that Residents Love to Live

Boxer Girl, LLC is available to help with consulting and development needs. Experience the benefits and guidance of over 20 years in real estate development by contacting us. From property selection to property management, Boxer Girl is available every step of the way to help make your project successful.

Land Selection & Development

Boxer Girl works with towns to select and develop parcels of land that will benefit from being rejuvenated.

Choosing Contractors & Laborers

Bringing more jobs to the area by choosing locals contractors that share our mission to respect the character and feel of a community.

Project Management

Boxer Girl works within the town to find a professional property manager that shares the original vision of the community.

Community Management

Working to restore the vision of what a town could be, with happy residents, useful spaces and an enduring community.

Jasper River Centre

A $30M development project to restore a historical part of downtown Jasper, Indiana. The Jasper River Centre project repurposed the old Jasper Cabinet building into 70+ residential apartments and mixed-use space of restaurants, shops, and other businesses with a rooftop bar to create a thriving downtown community. For more project info, visit 

Hunters Crossing

Hunters Crossings answers a community’s need for additional affordable housing to be developed with more jobs open than people living in the area. Featuring a wide variety of floorplans, facades, and elevations, it creates a charming and pleasing neighborhood. For more information on housing options and availability, visit Jagoe Homes.

Developing Legacies for Future Generations

Boxer Girl places an emphasis on developments that create a lifestyle and environment where residents can happily live, work, and play. As a real estate development firm, Boxer Girl works with small Indiana communities, most with 15,000 or fewer residents, to develop land for single and multi-family residences. 

1. Bring Life Back into an Area

We love giving life and character back to downtowns through rejuvenating areas that once may have played a key role in the city but now sit vacantly as an eyesore to the community.

2. Boosting the Local Economy

We work with local contractors and laborers because we know they will take the most pride in their work to respect the character and feel of a community.

3. Collaborative & Cohesive Planning

We work closely with the city planning commissions, contractors, and project manager to keep communication open and developments moving forward. 

4. Casting Vision to the Community

By hiring a local and professional property manager, this enables us to more effectively cast vision and excitement to the local community and garner support from the local community.

5. Continual Care and Management

Once a development has been completed, Boxer Girl continues to be involved in many aspects of the community. Taking care of common grounds in the community, we act as a Housing Authority to ensure that any issues are addressed promptly. Above all, Boxer Girl works to restore the vision of what a town could be, with happy residents, useful spaces and an enduring community.

Serving Smaller Communities throughout Indiana

Boxer Girl, LLC was established in 2012, with a goal of serving smaller communities throughout Indiana. Boxer Girl works within communities to develop parcels of land that are in need of redevelopment and revitalization, helping to turn them into destinations that are both useful and beloved by a town.

Every community is unique and Boxer Girl recognizes that working with city leadership is essential in creating a space that is not only functional but a reflection of the individuality of the town it serves.


Boxer Girl took our vision, looked at it from a developer’s perspective, then brought it to life. Jane Hendrickson finds solutions when others would walk away from challenges.

Terry Seitz

Former Mayor, City of Jasper

Boxer Girl has been a valued partner in bringing affordable family housing to our community.  They have worked alongside us to provide a new approach to workforce housing.  Their commitment to help build and allow rural Indiana to thrive is recognized and valued.

Denny Spinner

Mayor, City of Huntingburg

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