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Frequently Asked

What is one of the main focal points when considering a location for successful economic development?

Strategic approach by local government leadership with “not risk adverse” attitudes.

How do you review the product that is most advantageous to the City desiring development?

We execute market analysis based on the input from local government and geared towards the quality of lifestyle of residents within the community. Boxer Girl will never leave out any demographic or age group as we need everyone to balance diversity.

How do you determine the team consultants for each project?

We desire to use consultants from local companies and those which specialize in the product that will be built in the new development.

When considering a new opportunity, what are the factors that can help in the timing of the new development?

Appropriately zoned real estate with covenants with available utilities assist in design and approvals and can help expedite a project by as much as a year in the process.