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Serving smaller communities throughout Indiana, Boxer Girl, LLC works to develop parcels of land that are in need of redevelopment and revitalization. Ultimately, helping to turn developments into destinations that are both useful and beloved by their town.

About Us

Boxer Girl, LLC was established in 2012, with a goal of serving smaller communities throughout Indiana and helping them solve community issues through creative development solutions.

Boxer Girl recognizes that working with a community and city leadership is essential in creating spaces that are not only functional but also reflect the individuality of the town it serves.

Boxer Girl places a large emphasis on how the members of a community live, work and play together to create communities where residents can thrive.


Core Principles

Unique Solutions

We believe every community is unique and therefore deserves unique solutions to solve community issues. 

Practical Solutions

We believe in working together with city officials to create developments that are practical and focus on the future residents of the project.

Proud Solutions

We believe in developments and revitalizations that create spaces that are useful and beloved by a town’s residents. 

Jane Hendrickson

Jane Hendrickson is the principle of Boxer Girl, LLC and the driving vision behind each community development. With over 20 years of experience in single-family and multi-family home developments, Jane has worked with every aspect of residential land development, including operations management, financials, budgeting, and training. Before starting her own development company, Jane worked as the Vice President of Development and Property for Davis Homes, Director of Development Operations for Buckingham Companies and the Chief Operating Officer for Denney Companies.

Jane teaches in the Construction Management School at Purdue University, instructing students about real-world applications of financial management in the construction field. In her spare time, Jane enjoys playing with her boxer, spending time with family, traveling and giving back to various organizations.


  • Board Member of Marian University Business School
  • Charter Member of Women in Land Development (Indiana)
  • Charter Member of Women in Real Estate Development (Indiana)

Featured Projects

Hunters Crossing in Huntingburg, IN

Hunters Crossings answers a community’s need for additional affordable housing to be developed with more jobs open than people living in the area. Featuring a wide variety of floorplans, facades, and elevations, it creates a charming and pleasing neighborhood. For more information on housing options and availability, visit Jagoe Homes.

River Centre in Jasper, Indiana

A $30M development project to restore a historical part of downtown Jasper, Indiana. The Jasper River Centre project repurposed the old Jasper Cabinet building into 70+ residential apartments and mixed-use space of restaurants, shops, and other businesses with a rooftop bar to create a thriving downtown community. For more project info, visit www.JasperRiverCentre.com 


Boxer Girl took our vision, looked at it from a developer’s perspective, then brought it to life. Jane Hendrickson finds solutions when others would walk away from challenges.

Terry Seitz

Former Mayor, City of Jasper

Boxer Girl has been a valued partner in bringing affordable family housing to our community.  They have worked alongside us to provide a new approach to workforce housing.  Their commitment to help build and allow rural Indiana to thrive is recognized and valued.

Denny Spinner

Mayor, City of Huntingburg

“Her experience in single and Multifamily housing, retail , senior living and large commercial acquisitions provides extraordinary insight and value to the communities she works with.”

Frederick J. Green, AIA, NARB

President, COO, Cripe

“She has consistently demonstrated high integrity in all business situations, been fair in her relationships with all parties, and kept on her promises. She communicates well through every stage of a project and is proactive in addressing any problem that is encountered along the way.”

Robert D. Green

Commerical Real Estate Banker, Main Source Bank

Quality, Honesty and Perseverance + River Centre = Success

Jane Hendrickson and her operating company Boxer Girl, demonstrated these excellent qualities through a complicated development process in Jasper, Indiana.  Her levels of commercial real estate expertise are high and importantly she knows how to assert herself to accomplish goals in a timely manner, which are the primary reasons for her success.  These aspiring qualities were constantly on display during the process, whether it was with contractors, subs, local government officials, State of Indiana bonding authorities, banks or national providers of credit.  She worked tirelessly once she was engaged and her results are consistent with high achievers; Jane knows how to follow through in a timely manner. Jane is assertive and firm with her convictions, but she also knows how to get cooperation;working well with all levels of during the process She is a pleasure to work for and with.

Edward S. Chandler

Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC

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