Jasper is breaking ground on its new River Centre featuring a hotel, apartments and retail space on Friday.

The city now wants to create a riverfront district with restaurants to go along with it.

We spoke with Jasper City attorney, Renee Kabrick, who presented the information at Tuesday’s commission meeting.

They’re hoping to make the district a place where families can come to a wide variety of restaurants.

City officials say this type of district would be put in place by state law.

The riverfront district would be an economic tool designed to boost the establishment of dining and beverage businesses.

Kabrick says one of the perks of establishing a riverfront district is the city would get special liquor licenses for the area.

Mayor Terry Seitz says he is proposing his office administer the applications for businesses interested in coming to the riverfront district.

“Ultimately what we’re creating isn’t a place for people to come and drink but more or less a destination for people to experience a multitude of unique opportunities,” Kabrick, Jasper City attorney said.

The formal first step is to take it to the common council meeting in a few weeks.

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