River Centre: Jasper Cabinet no more

Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz addressed a crowd of about 60 people Friday morning as he thanked the private developers and city officials that brought the River Centre to Jasper.

Sophie Bower, 3, sat on her father Adam’s shoulders at the brief talk about the Jasper River Centre project.

Mayor Seitz climbed into the backhoe to take the ceremonial swipe at a portion of the building that will be demolished. About 85 percent of the building can be salvaged, according to the developers.

Councilman and Jasper Redevelopment Commission President John Bell received some instructions on how to operate the backhoe before the officials were set to knock down an attached overhang to the main Jasper Cabinet building.

Mayor Seitz takes the first swipe at the overhang.

Most of the brick structure will be used for the future construction of the River Centre.

Jasper Director of Community Development/Planning Darla Blazey held a commemorative piece of the demolished portion after she took a turn at the controls of the backhoe.

Jane Hendrickson is the owner of Boxer Girl, the developer that initiated the formation of the River Centre.

Guests were treated to cookies and coffee in the Jasper Train Depot.

Evansville based Klenck Company will handle the demolition of portions of the Jasper Cabinet building. Work is expected to continue Monday.

by on February 10, 2017 in Dubois County Free Press